2019 Basketball

By Alex Morton:

The NCHS Boys’ Basketball team expects to have a great season this year, although every game is a challenge. This year’s starting line-up is consisting of Tanner Huffman, Jake Hamilton, Alex Fennel, Luke LeRose, and Rylee Nicholas. When asked how the team has prepared for this season, Coach Phipps said, “Film study and repetition is key when improving both the abilities of the coach and the players.” When keeping the team motivated, Coach Phipps likes to use lots of quotes, their biggest being “sharpen the edge” to remind them not to give up and always keep the upper hand.

img_6382     Coach Phipps says, “This year’s goal is not only to win state championships, but to make sure our players also become good men.” Knowing his team will always play hard, he expects to win. Already this season, NCHS basketball player Luke LeRose broke the high school’s scoring record. “Breaking that record made me feel unstoppable,” LeRose says. Though winning seems easy, there are steps you can’t skip, and Coach Phipps would like anyone considering trying out to be ready to endure the process.

You can also find this basketball season’s schedule posted on the WVSSAC website.

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