2018 NCHS Marching Band

By Makayla Garcia:

      Throughout the 2018 season, the NCHS Marching Band did exceptionally well in numerous performances.  

The band is made up of 65 students, including the field commander, color guard, majorettes, and feature twirler.  

      This year, The Heart of Nicholas County travelled to away games, and attended home games, along with 5 competitions, parades, and school functions. 

      When asked about the group and the season, Mr. Akers, the band director, said, “This group of young men and women has been one of the hardest working and most talented groups I have had the privilege of working with in all the years that I have been a band director. They came in July ready to work hard and be successful, and in the end all their hard work and dedication really paid off. I am very proud to have had the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.” 

      The band was made of a very diverse group of students including a former Richwood student Azreah Groves, a junior majorette, who said, “I am so glad I transferred to a band/school full of love and pride.” Although the group had many different traits, there were a few they had in common with leadership being one. Jeffrey Hutchinson, a senior who was named outstanding soloist, said, “I don’t think there’s anything specific regarding to our success. People stepped up and played different roles when needed.” 

      Including the diverse students, the band is made up of a huge support system. The parents and other family members never fail to stand behind the students. Hannah Dorsey, a senior color guard captain, said, “The unsung heroes of the band are the hard-working parents and Band Boosters.” The support system was always providing food, water, and most of all congratulations for the band’s success.  

      Dedication is a very necessary drive needed within a marching band student because of all the hard work included in the program. Robin Frey, a former Braxton county student and junior tuba player, said, “Music has been with me throughout my entire life. At eight years old, I got my first guitar and haven’t put down a musical instrument since.” James Egnor, a sophomore trombonist, said, “Nothing is going to keep me away from coming back next year.” 

      Along with all the practices, performances, and rehearsals, the band spent a great deal of time together on bus rides, which consisted of mostly singing. Alex Rose, 11th grade undefeated field commander, said, “I’m sure our bus drivers can vouch for our amazing vocals.” 

      Due to the amount of success, memories, and hard work this season was labelled as “memorable” by many students. Kali Mills, a junior clarinet soloist, said, “The season was definitely memorable and busy.” 

      Alex Rose said, “Every section of our Marching Grizzlies works exceptionally hard and we are always rewarded for all of our hard work.” This statement can be supported by the following list of performances, awards, and accomplishments.  


      Here is a list of all performances done and awards received by the band so far:

8/14/2018- Cherry River Parade, Richwood, WV 

8/18/2018- The NC Fly In 

8/24/2018- NCHS vs North Marion @ North Marion 

8/28/2018- NCHS Open House  

8/31/2018- NCHS vs Shady Springs @ Home 

9/7/2018- NCHS vs Wyoming East @ Wyoming East 

9/8/2018- Nicholas County Potato Festival Courthouse and Parade         Performances  

9/13/2018- NCHS vs Lincoln County @ Home 

9/15/2018- Craigsville Fall Festival, Craigsville, WV 

9/21/2018- NCHS vs Oak Hill High @ Home 

9/28/2018- NCHS vs Roan County @ Roan County  

9/29/2018- Poca Heritage Days Marching Band Competition  

      3rd place twirler overall- Madison Spencer 

      1st place majorettes overall  

      Class Awards:

            1st place drum major- Alex Rose 

            1st place color guard 

            Outstanding Soloist- Jeffrey Hutchinson 

            3rd place percussion 

            1st place band 

      Division II:  

            Outstanding Music  

            Outstanding Show Design  

            Grand Champion 

10/4/2018- NCHS Homecoming Parade 

10/5/2018- NCHS Homecoming Game vs Braxton @ Home 

10/6/2018- Ripley Viking Festival, Ripley, WV 

      2nd place color guard 

      2nd place twirler 

      Outstanding Twirler- Madison Spencer 

      1st place field commander- Alex Rose 

      1st place percussion 

      1st place Outstanding Band Class B 

      2nd Runner up to Grand Champions Division 1 

10/12/2018- NCHS vs West Side @ Home 

10/13/2018- The Black Walnut Festival, Spencer, WV 

      3rd place parade band  

      2nd place color guard 

      1st place field commander- Alex Rose 

      2nd place percussion 

      1st place majorettes overall 

      3rd place feature twirler- Madison Spencer 

      2nd place field competition band  

      Division 2 Runner Up to Grand Champions 

      1st Runner Up to Miss Majorette Destiny Hunter 

10/20/2018- Parkersburg South Invitational/ Parkersburg High School Invitational  


            2nd place color guard  

            1st place drum major- Alex Rose 

            2nd place percussion 

            3rd place field competition  

            1st place majorettes overall  

            1st place feature twirler- Madison Spencer 


            1st place band  

            1st place percussion  

            1st place auxiliary 

            1st place drum major- Alex Rose 

            1st place feature twirler- Madison Spencer 

            3rd place band overall for the day 2  

11/02/2018- NCHS vs Richwood High School @ Richwood  

11/09/2018- Play Offs Rd. 1- NCHS vs Petersburg @ Home  

11/10/2018- Summersville Veterans Day Parade, Summersville, WV 

11/17/2018- Play Offs Rd 2- NCHS vs Weir @ Home  

12/7/2018- Summersville Christmas Parade, Summersville, WV 

      All State Performance  

            Jeffrey Hutchinson was named the WV All State Band 1st 

            chair Trombone for the 2nd year in a row.  

12/17/2018- NCHS/SMS Winter Concert 

12/19/2018- NCHS Fine Arts Performance  




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