SADD Chapter

By Makayla Garcia:

NCHS is home of a SADD Chapter, which stands for “Students Against Destructive Decisions.” The club, made up of around 15 students, meets first lunch on Fridays in the auditorium.

Kim Major became the NCHS SADD sponsor over five years ago. When asked why she became the sponsor, Mrs. Major said, “I wanted to empower, engage, and mobilize students to have a positive impact on their peers and school.”

Members in the club participate and encourage others to participate in various events throughout the year, such as Kick Butts Day, Ghost Out, Get Real Poetry Contest, Pink Out Day, Red Ribbon Week, Substance Abuse Prevention, Alcohol Awareness (which usually occurs during the week of prom), Mental Health Awareness Month, Distracted Driving, and more to help prevent students from making destructive decisions.

Mrs. Major said she believed students participate because “SADD gives them opportunities to raise awareness of issues that affect them and the ability to do so in a fun way to affect a positive change.”

Josh Messer, the Vice President of SADD, described the club as “a group against destructive decisions that raises awareness for decisions with consequences.” He also said, “My favorite thing about SADD is that we get to use teamwork and come together and work together to inform other students.”

The club meets every Friday during first lunch in the auditorium and welcomes anyone and everyone to join.