Mrs. Esteban’s Baby

By Bethany Nutter & McKenzi Johnson:

Mateo Dennis Esteban White, son of Maria Esteban and Zachary White, arrived in the world on December 5, 2018 at 10 a.m. Mrs. Esteban is a Spanish teacher at NCHS from Madrid, Spain. Her husband, Zachary White, is also a Spanish teacher at Richwood High School. Mrs. Esteban will return to NCHS by the second week of April. In the meantime, she will be at home caring for little Mateo.  

When asked about how it felt to be a mother, Mrs. Esteban replied with, “Very overwhelming at first, although it is getting easier every day. Looking at his sweet face makes all your worries drift away.” She said that her husband also loved being a father, and, “He really is doing all he can do to help me take care of Mateo. Even though he can’t do the nursing, he wakes up at night and changes diapers, helps with the baths, and plays with him. It’s really amazing seeing the two of them interact and bond.” 

Although Mrs. Esteban is from Spain, her husband is from New Hampshire. Mateo will be surrounded by two different familial cultures, and Mrs. Esteban said that he will be taught two languages to begin with. “I am speaking to him in Spanish, and my husband is speaking to him in English. Hopefully, he will learn a couple more throughout his growing years,” said Mrs. Esteban on how they’re going to teach him. She added that she will most likely take him to see family in Spain next Christmas, since she is currently “Not very comfortable taking on such a long trip with such a little baby.”  

When Mateo was first born, Mrs. Esteban said, “I just wanted him to be healthy. The umbilical cord was tied around him, so we were a little afraid.” The doctors didn’t know where the cord was. She added, “His heartbeat dropped to more than half every time I pushed.” Mateo is now a happy and healthy baby and is well-loved by his parents. The students, staff, and faculty would like to congratulate the Estebans on their new family member. 

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