The Face of Christmas

By Makayla Garcia:

Mrs. Barker, a science teacher at NCHS and mentor of National Honor Society, celebrates Christmas with her students through the month of December by doing activities such as decorating, participating in charities, and sharing traditions among each other.

She decorates with traditional decorations such as garland, knickknacks, and Christmas lights.

Mrs. Barker is widely known for coordinating this year’s Arts and Crafts Show, and she says, “I believe that it brings the community together and celebrates the community’s talent.” Despite all her hard work that goes into the show, Mrs. Barker still volunteers at the nursing home monthly to play bingo and celebrate Christmas with the residents and her National Honor Society students, works at the Christmas Store, and participates in the Paper Angel program.

Her favorite tradition she shares with her students is the Chinese Gift Exchange, which is a form of a Secret Santa gift exchange. However, they do other things such as making candies, listening to Christmas music, and giving.

Mrs. Barker tries her best to include students during the season celebration because to her, Christmas is all about “love and sharing.” Although, if for any reason, a student does not wish to participate, they are not required, and other traditions may be celebrated upon the request of a student. “This is important,” Mrs. Barker said, “because it increases students’ work ethic when everyone is happy.”

Mrs. Barker’s favorite thing about Christmas is buying gifts for her loved ones. She is often referred to as one of the most generous people around!

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