Welcoming Ms. Lusk

By Makayla Garcia:

This school year, NCHS has welcomed a new teacher, Ms. Lusk, a West Virginia University alumna.

Ms. Lusk taught at Braxton Middle School and Richwood High School before she came here. She said teaching at NCHS was not a big change from RHS, however, she was glad she did because it was closer from home. Ms. Lusk said she could not think of anything that she would change about NCHS.

Ms. Lusk said she credited her inspiration to an English and history teacher she had her freshman year of high school. Ms. Lusk said, “My favorite thing about teaching is working with students and getting to know them and passing on my love for literature to them.” She included that her least favorite thing about teaching was when the students didn’t try or didn’t care.

Her job as a teacher was not anything like she expected it to be, and she said that the most difficult thing about being a new teacher was learning classroom management.

Ms. Lusk said on her first day coming here, she was nervous and unsure about the students’ responses. However, all the students and teachers were really welcoming. In the end, she said, “It was a really good day.”

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