Welcoming Captain Habib

By Bethany Nutter & McKenzi Johnson:

The JROTC received a new Captain at the end of October: April Habib. Upon getting news from Fayetteville JROTC about the open positions in Nicholas and Webster, Habib applied at NCHS. “It seemed like a natural fit and once I got here I was like,’Yep, that’s what I’m supposed to do,’” she told us. 

Prior to working with JROTC, she served 25 years in the military. She first found her passion for working with the program through helping with her daughter’s JROTC. 

As a new staff member, she is very impressed by our student body. Her first impression was how well-behaved everyone was at the Veterans’ Day presentation. Habib says, “I’m here to help them learn and most importantly what our mission says: to motivate them to become better citizens in every aspect of their lives.” 

Women have progressed significantly in not just the military, but the world in general. Recently, for the first time, a woman was put in charge of a military post in Fort Bragg. Captain Habib tells us this would have never happened when she first joined. “It just shows you that the opportunities are there, and women are making a statement. They’ve earned it; no one has given it to them. That’s the most important thing,” she says. 

Lastly, she leaves us with a piece of advice for young women. “First of all, you gotta believe in yourself. Don’t be discouraged in the first sign of failure or disappointment because it’s going to be there. Just keep pushing through. Sometimes, it’s in the way you just carry yourself. You can do anything. I want to convey that to my cadets and even the young women walking down the hallway.” 

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