Community Service

By McKenzi Johnson:

Many philanthropic projects are occurring right now at our high school. Our clubs, classes, and school as a whole participate in various endeavors to enhance our community. A core value of NCHS is standing together and providing a helping hand to those in need. 

There are opportunities for everyone to get involved. Our students are active in clubs such as SADD, GSA, FCA, Young Life, and Interact. The JROTC is active in several projects annually, as well. Sergeant Long takes his cadets to work at local food banks multiple times throughout the year. 

The GSA is running a drive for our animal shelter. Mrs. Long and the students in the GSA are collecting toys, food, and other miscellaneous items to donate. “Volunteering in the community is imperative to the overall betterment of those who are serving and being served. It offers a chance to step outside of one’s self and join with others to do something bigger than ourselves- to create a rippling echo of kindness and compassion across the community,” says GSA member Bethany Nutter on why philanthropy is important. 

Right now, Interact is hosting a collection of items to be sent to those affected by the hurricane in North Carolina. Considering the astonishing amount of outreach we received from across the country following the flooding in 2016, the club thought it was a fitting time to pay it forward. 

Mrs. Treadway, supervisor of Interact, feels that helping others is very important. A particular experience that sticks with her is when she went to journalism school and volunteered at a Christmas craft festival. A young boy with cancer gave her one of his necklaces, which he’d been making for his cancer awareness. She still has the necklace. 

If nothing else were to be taken away from the projects, Mrs. Treadway says, “I would tell people just to get involved in your community because it feels good to do good, and it’s always nice to make a positive impact on others.” 


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