2018 Mountain Color Art Show

By Bethany Nutter:

After a copious amount of student engagement in the Mountain Color Art Show, Nicholas County High School students won four of the five placings in the Richwood art competition.

The show was held on the Sunday of October 7 and continued until October 13 at the Richwood City Hall Auditorium.

In the high school division of the contest, Nicholas County High School winners included:

  • Cameron Thomas (2nd place)
  • Josie Chapman (3rd)
  • Makala Alderman (Honorable Mention)
  • Cody Casteel (Honorable Mention)


According to the NCHS art teacher, Pam Cox, there were around 30 student submissions from the school. “I’m always impressed with what our kids can do!” said Mrs. Cox, referring to the awe-inspiring creations of the budding artist. Nicholas County High School has possessed a winner in most of the primary spots to enter their art in the show. When asked what aspect of the high school students’ masterpieces stood out to her the most, she replied with, ”The variety.” The pieces featured a spectacular array of styles, mediums, colors, and chosen subjects. A particular student selected a rather interesting subject matter depicting Marilyn Monroe peering through a keyhole (the featured image of this article). Cameron Thomas is part of Mrs. Cox’s AP Art class, where students were mandated to enter two art submissions. Each student is required to create a series of 12 works expressing a specific subject or idea.

Thomas’ concentration has a very profound message: ”My theme for the AP Art class is centered around the media’s effect on women. I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a keyhole. The image led me to think of the way fans spy on female celebrities, and I thought,’What if it was reversed?’” said Thomas while describing what prompted his unique vision. He said that his piece took around 5-7 hours to complete. When asked what message he wanted to portray in his creation, Thomas said, ”I want them to see the power that women can have over the veil created in the media and society. I want my work to be bold.”

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