2018 County Literature Fair

By Makayla Garcia:

On October 3, at New Life Christian Academy, NCHS students competed in the COunty Literature Fair for a spot at the Regional Literature Fair at Glenville State College.

Students traveled to the fair, presented, ate lunch, and returned to the school.

Riley Butcher, a junior in Mrs. Long’s AP Language class, said students participated because it “feels good to compete and win.”

Gavin Foster, another of Long’s AP students, said his favorite thing about the literature fair was “creatively inspiring others to read literature we enjoy.”

Riley Butcher and Gavin Foster both said they were very excited for regionals because they enjoyed traveling, participating, and meeting new people.

The students said they believed they were prepared but were still working diligently by “revamping their presentation board to make it more appealing to the eye.” They said the best way to prepare for the fair was to “read the books, don’t wait until the night before to prepare, and make sure you love your book.”

The students said they thought so many kids participate in the literature fair annually because it is so much fun to compete and learn.

Riley Butcher described the moment they found out they won as “really surprising,” but Gavin Foster said, “It felt really good.”

The students said they were not intimidated by the judges, however the biggest challenge they faced was not being so anxious while presenting.

Every student from NCHS placed at the fair, and the 1st place winners will move on to the regional fair which will take place this Saturday, November 3rd. Best of Show winners at Regionals will be invited to display their projects during the West Virginia Reading Association held at The Greenbrier on November 15th and 16th.


The following students participated in the County Literature Fair:

  • Payton Hanshaw – 1st
  • Olivia Jeckering – 1st and Best of Show
  • Aubrey Altizer – 1st and Best of Show
  • Abigail Hamon – 2nd
  • Greenley Hamner – 3rd
  • Riley Butcher – 1st
  • Gavin Foster – 1st
  • Kaylee Neal – 3rd
  • Will Gillespie – 2nd
  • Jonathon Cook – 1st
  • Garrett Kesterson – 1st
  • Kinley Epperley – 1st
  • Brookes Callaghan – 2nd
  • Megan Pritt – 1st
  • Alex Rose – 2nd
  • Mystie Johnson – 2nd

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