2018 Homecoming Parade

By McKenzi Johnson & Bethany Nutter:

It is safe to say that everyone felt a sense of school spirit on October 11th and 12th during the football game and homecoming parade.

At the homecoming parade, the Marching Grizzlies performed followed by many student floats. These included sports team-related floats and the striking senior float. In accordance to the theme, seniors dressed as their beloved early 2000’s childhood show or film characters. Most of the senior class participated in dressing up and featuring in the senior float. In response to asking how he dressed, a student said,”Mr. Incredible. Yeah man, flexin’.”

Logan Moore, a seventh year returning band member described his last homecoming performance as “bittersweet”. Also featured in the parade were homecoming princesses Emma Johnson, Courtney Bates and Jenna Cooper, with the senior court: Kate Belmont, Christy Taylor, and our queen Leafie Keffer.

A close vote, Leafie was announced 2018 homecoming queen. She says that while waiting for the results on the field with her escort, Macrae Morriston, she was nervous, but also happy. Upon being announced queen. Leafie said,” I was just happy that I was the one that got a crown; I was a queen in my heart.” She encourages anyone who has the desire to run next year and wishes them good luck.

After the parade, the homecoming game commenced on Friday, October 12th . The Grizzlies played against Braxton, finishing 42-12, adding yet another win to their undefeated season. Many seniors when asked what winning meant to them personally, Aaron Stenke replied with, ”It means working together as a team,” along with “Hard work paying off.” said Jacob Bulmer.

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