Welcoming Mr. Jarvis

By Mckenzi Johnson & Bethany Nutter:

As the students and faculty know, Mr. Jarvis took the position of vice principal at NCHS for the 2018-2019 school year, following Ms. King’s retirement.

Mr. Jarvis discovered the job posting on the NCBOE website. He has a rich 32 years of experience in the education system.

Jarvis taught and coached at Summersville Middle School and was the athletic director at Nicholas County High School. Before taking the position, he worked at the Nicholas County Board of Education for seven years. He was prompted to undertake the job as vice principal because he missed working with the kids in the student body. When asked what message he wanted to convey to the students, Jarvis replied with, “Your job is to come to school and actively participate every day. Make good choices in everything you do so that you can be the best you can be.”

Mr. Jarvis received his undergraduate degree at Alderson-Broaddus University, and his master’s degree online at Marshall University.

He says, “All the kids are great, but sometimes they make bad choices which have unpleasant consequences.” It is one of the biggest challenges he faces in his job.

Over all, Mr. Jarvis is ecstatic about becoming vice principal of Nicholas County High School. Speaking on his impression of the environment of NCHS, he says, “They are wonderful people, and this is a great place to be.” The students and faculty are happy to have Mr. Jarvis here and appreciate his efforts.

Some people even go as far to claim that it smells nicer. Suspicion has arose about his cologne being the cause of this new fragrance. Mrs. Morrison says, “It must be expensive because he still smells good by the end of the day.” This brought the newspaper class to create a competition pertaining to which he uses. Mr. Jarvis is very skeptical about anyone being able to accurately guess his choice of cologne.

A survey is linked below for those who wish to participate. A prize will be given to whoever guesses correctly!


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