Mrs. Esteban Staying in U.S.

By Makayla Garcia:

NCHS Spanish teacher Mrs. Esteban recently received her green card last January after traveling to Pittsburgh and Charleston.

When asked about her reasonings to stay in America, Mrs. Esteban answered with a list including her job in America, her teaching conditions (examples: planning period, experiences, and kids), and living amongst nature.

During her experience, Mrs. Esteban says the paperwork to receive her green card was the most difficult because it was so time consuming and required many items to be mailed from Spain.

When asked how she felt when she first received news that she would be allowed to permanently stay, Mrs. Esteban said, “I was really excited. I was sad because my family wouldn’t be as present, but I was really happy because we got what we wanted.”

To compare Madrid (the town Mrs. Esteban lived in at Spain) and West Virginia, she said there weren’t many comparisons, but they were different because of reasons such as size, nature, food, and experiences/attractions.

When asked about her favorite thing about West Virginia, Mrs. Esteban said, “Nature.” Her least favorite was the food because fruit and vegetables taste so different and are much more expensive. Fish was also mentioned as not tasting as good. She said not being able to work everywhere was another least favorite thing.

Mrs. Esteban plans to remain a teacher, as she was in Spain. When asked her reasoning on remaining a teacher, she commented, “I love interacting with the kids and seeing them start with zero knowledge and taking off. I also love sharing my personal experiences.”

As of now, Mrs. Esteban and her family have no plans except to go to the lake, stay quiet, and take care of her baby, which is expected to arrive in November.

When asked how they felt about Mrs. Esteban receiving her green card and staying in America, Aden Facemire, a student at NCHS, said “I think it’s a really cool thing. And I’m really really happy for her. And I’m glad she gets to stay here and teach.” Mrs. Barker, a teacher at NCHS, said “I couldn’t be happier for her. She is one of my bestest friends. I love her. She is such an important asset to this school.”

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