2018 Literature Fair

By McKenzi Johnson & Bethany Nutter:

IMG_6816     The literature fair, coordinated by Mrs. Murphy in the Media Center on Wednesday, September 19, was considered a success. The student turn out was impressive, leaving the judges with a hard time determining the winners.

The first place winners are:

  • Payton Hanshaw,
  • Olivia Jeckering and Aubrey Altizer,
  • Abigail Hamon,
  • Greenley Hamner,
  • Shyteesha Crites and Hannah Addington,
  • Riley Butcher and Gavin Foster,
  • Kaylee Neal,
  • Will Gillespie,
  • Kinly Epperly,
  • Brookes Callaghan,
  • Jonathan Cook and Garrett Kesterson,
  • Megan Pritt, and
  • Alex Rose and Mystie Johnson.

The second place winners are:

  • Seth Strickland and Kiersten Nielson,
  • Amanda Ward,
  • Skylar Robinson,
  • Zachery Toler,
  • Katelynn Talbert,
  • Laraya McKinney,
  • Talynda Ferguson,
  • Baylee Estudillo, and
  • Kyra Simpkins.

IMG_6826     “Afterwards, many teachers came to me and told me that kids were happy to present books that they love and do something creative. When winners were announced, they were even cheering,” says Mrs. Murphy on the outcome of the literature fair.

Suzanna Ward, Kris Ward, Denny Dorsey, and Susie Rogers were the judges. The winners chosen by them will go on to the county fair held at New Life Christian Academy on October 3.

IMG_6834     The participants and Mrs. Murphy worked very hard this year. From forwarding information to scheduling judges, without Mrs. Murphy the fair would not be possible. Many students go the extra mile in creating their projects as well. One in particular consisted of a bridge made out of popsicle sticks, which stood out tremendously.

If nothing else, Mrs. Murphy hopes that the students take away an inspiration to create and read. “I feel that it’s important that young people understand that there is a reader in everyone. He or she just has to find the right book,” she says.

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