New Science Class Gets Students Outdoors

By Zac Adkins & Austin Bailey:

This year, Mr. Bane has a new class for any student interested in fly fishing, archery, and being outside. “I started this class to get student outdoors and help them learn hands-on activities like archery and fly fishing,” Bane says.

Before school started this year, Mrs. Rapp introducted to Mr. Bane the idea of starting a new class that would get students into nature. He liked the idea, and now the class, called integrated science, is available here at NCHS.

Mr. Bane plans on taking the class on a fly-fishing trip to Williams River later in the fall.

There are no grade requirements to be eligible to take this class; however, Mr. Bane says that there is a behavior requirement: all students must behave themselves, horseplay will not be tolerated.

Mr. Bane says, “This is a great class for students who have never been outdoorsmen and would like to learn to be, or students who are expert outdoorsmen, and would like to hone their skills.”

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