NCHS Wishes Ms. King a Happy Retirement

By Zac Adkins and Dallas Cole

The Grizzly Gazette and everyone at Nicholas County High School are thankful for our beloved Vice Principal, Ms. King. Unfortunately for us, this is her last year with us here at NCHS, because she has decided to retire.

Although she will be sorely missed, the students and staff of NCHS wish her the best of luck, and we hope she enjoys her retirement. She deserves it after her years of dedication and hard work.

The Grizzly Gazette, on behalf of the students and staff of Nicholas County High School, would like to thank Ms. King for being such a magnificent vice principal.

The following are notes of appreciation to Ms. King from The Grizzly Gazette staff.

“Ms. King has been a wonderful vice principal. I’ve always enjoyed talking and working with her because she genuinely cares about people and loves being involved in things. She will be missed so much!” – Jacob Tallamy

“I would like to thank Ms. King for everything she has done for me and this school.” – Dallas Cole

“Ms. King is not only a great Vice Principal, but also a great person. She’s so nice, and she is very easy to talk to.” – Zac Adkins

“Ms. King has been an important part of NCHS for so long that she is going to leave a huge void when she retires. I am blessed to have had her as my administrator since I began teaching at NCHS 10 years ago. She has been a strong role model to me, not only as an educator but also as a pillar of the community. I am thankful for her guidance and her friendship, and I wish her nothing but the best in her retirement.” – Mrs. Murphy

For a treat, view Avery Nutter’s Hilarious Impersonation of Ms. King!.




  1. Your were my gym teacher and Luke’s Vice Principal. Thank you so much for your service to our kids. You will be missed. Are you sure you can’t wait 4 more years?? Derek will be in high school next year. Happy Retirement!!

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  2. Happy retirement. U was the best vice principal when I was in school . 🙂 Nchs will definitely not be the same without u . Graduate class of 2012

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  3. Just another beginning for you Coach King!!!! Congratulations 🎈🍾 and thank you for being such a great teacher and influence on the community. NCHS was tremendously fortunate to have you on their team!

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  4. Happy retirement Karen! !!!! Your commitment to students of NCHS is the standard all should strive for. You’ve always held a special place in my heart and I’m so happy for you!
    Sheri Bowles 1985

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  5. Karen King, I will never forget when you started teaching in the late 70’s and you walked into my gym class at Summersville Jr. High. You were a great HPE teacher and always had great stories to tell. I have spoken of you often over the years because I was so inspired by the strong, Christian woman you were. You were one of many role models for me as I was growing up because you worked hard and you were a genuine soul with a kindred spirit. You walked with confidence and had a strong sense of self. Though we have not crossed paths for many years, I am also proud to say we are related and both raised by very strong women. I hope this next chapter in your life brings you even more joy, adventure, love, and laughter! God Bless!

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  6. Karen King….. wow….. retired….. have you worked long enough???? Are you old enough???? It began in the spring of 1978….. team student teachers…. and what a time we had…. knowing you… I’m sure you will continue doing all of those other fun jobs that you love…..Best wishes always….. and yes… I have definitely missed the Christmas cards😍


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