2018 Senior Wills, Advice, & Thank-you’s

By Hayley Harvey and Garrett Wilson:

Senior Wills are a Nicholas County High School tradition. It is for seniors to leave something behind to someone such as a friend or teacher.

Senior Will

Anthony Adkins: To Richy Keene, I will leave you my Bari sax; please actually learn to play it.

Clinton Armstrong: To Garrett Wilson, I leave you my parking spot. To Ashley Nicholas, I leave her nickname Big John, and to everyone else, I leave my paws.

Kyle Barker: I leave my parking spot to Matt Amick.

Dawson Blankenship: To Olivia Parker, I’m leaving you with my locker.

Lindsay Brake: To Levi Brake, I’m leaving you my good reputation with teachers because I know you need it already. I’m also leaving you my will to get stuff done. Good luck, buddy! I love you.

Zachary Collins: To Kendal Johnson, I’m leaving you my locker #297.

Andrew Paul Cook: To Logan, I leave the Presidential Briefcase. To Seth Young, I leave my parking spot. To Johnathon Cook, I leave my locker.

Maggie Dempsey: Betty, you get my unfinished art projects.

Alyssa Facemire: To Aden Facemire, I’m leaving you my best of luck.

Jamila Foster: To Haley Kidd, I’m giving you the best of luck and strength that I kept through this school year.

Alexander Hall: To Jared Billups who’s in the 10th grade now, I leave my parking spot 141.

Makayla Hanshaw: To Alyssa Hanshaw, I’m leaving you my locker.

Alden Johnson: Mrs. Sales, I leave you in charge after I graduate.

Sydney Lycans: To Madison Spencer, I’m leaving you my parking spot.

Alexis Nicholas: To my cousin Ashley, I leave attitude and spunk. To Maggie Gadomski, I leave my hustle during sports and my parking spot.

Avery Nutter: To Kyle Groves, I give my parking spot.

Molly Prutsok: I want to give my parking sticker to Brayden Hornsby #70.

Levi Shafer: I leave my parking spot to whoever asks for it first.

Madison Simms: To all who follow behind, I leave the many empty coffee cups that get me through.

Tyler Simpkins: To Kenzie Yeager, I’m leaving you my parking spot, unless you can get a better one.

Daniel Skaggs: To Isaiah Backes, you have my parking spot.

Johnathan Spaulding: To Ryan Taylor, I’m leaving you my parking spot.

Calvin Stewart: To Amand Ward, my jacket in my locker you can keep. To Alex Freeman, my love is yours.

Elena Strader: To Jessica Martin, I’m leaving you my locker and parking spot.

Sara Thompson: To Jaymeson Cook, I’m leaving you my locker.

Savannah Tinnel: To Jefferey Hutchinson, I’m leaving you my parking spot. DO NOT paint over it. To Madison Spencer, I’m leaving you my feature twirler position.

Isabelle Weed: To Olivia Parker, I’m leaving you all of our little jokes and hopefully some of my tumbling, To Brooklyn Deitz, I’m leaving you my strength for stunting and fun sayings between our group.


The Class of 2018: Their Final Words

Seniors were asked to give advice to lower classmen or the upcoming seniors.

Senior Advice

Emily Acree: Study hard, don’t miss school, start on scholarships early, and explore as many career choices as possible. “Don’t limit yourself.”

Hope Adkins: Keep track of all scholarships and fill out all of them you are eligible for.

Clinton Armstrong: To upcoming seniors, take easy classes. The pain isn’t worth it.

Kyle Barker: Just do what you want to be happy.

Lacey Beam: Fill out the scholarship application, even if you think you won’t get it.

Dawson Blankenship: Get things done early and relax later.

Lindsay Brake: To upcoming Seniors, get your work done and enjoy yourself.

Breanna Christian: To upcoming seniors, do your work and be respectful.

Andrew Paul Cook: Be yourself, work hard, and dream big!

Katrina Crislip: It goes by faster than you think.

Maggie Dempsey: To upcoming seniors, DO NOT do scholarship applications last minute!

Jeff Goderre: Procrastinate until 2 days before, then do your work.

Alexander Hall: Enjoy your year, have fun, and just get done.

Makayla Hanshaw: Don’t take on too much. You’ll die.

Maria Hughart: To upcoming seniors, don’t forget scholarships.

Aldan Johnson: Do your best.

Erin Johnson: Here is my advice: make good choices in life, and do your best in the future.

Jamila Foster: Haley, study, stay out of drama, and its best to keep your circle small.

Sydney Lycans: To upcoming seniors, do not wait till the end of the year to apply for scholarships.

Alexis Nicholas: To all upcoming seniors, live in the moment. Have fun, but don’t wish it away too quickly.

Avery Nutter: To Caden Phipps, Quinten Jekerings, and Macrae Morriston, I expect big things.

Haley Nutter: Senior year is not as laid back and easy as you think. Try hard and do your best because this is the year that counts.

Eamonn Payton: To upcoming seniors, take calculus.

Justin Pritt: Here’s my advice, do your best don’t do nothing bad.

Molly Prutsok: To my freshman girls, you know who you are, please remember the advice I gave you.

Levi Shafer: To upcoming students, these 4 years go by faster than you think, so try your best; it’s the only way you’ll get through.

Madison Simms: Chase your passion even when you are the only one that believes in it.

Tyler Simpkins: Take McClung whenever you can.

Daniel Skaggs: To upcoming seniors, just go to school.

Matt Smith: To upcoming seniors, senior year is like your whole life, easy and flies by, till the end.

Jonathan Spaulding: To upcoming seniors, stay out of drama.

Gracie Steiner: Don’t do serious dating in high school.

Elena Strader: Always show up to your classes.

Sara Thompson: To upcoming seniors, always fill out every scholarship! Do not let anyone get in your way of success.

Savannah Tinnel: Fill out as many scholarships as you can. Friends are more important than boyfriends.

Isabell Weed: To freshman cheerleaders, push yourself and make cheer fun. Risk it for the biscuit.


2018 Seniors Show Appreciation

The following seniors would like to thank someone for helping them get through high school.

Senior Thank You’s:

Emily Acree: Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Fox, and Mr. Shifflett for not only doing your best to build me academically, but also giving me life advice and preparing me for college.

Hope Adkins: Thank you to Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Fox for all the real-life advice you have given me.

Clinton Armstrong: Thank you Mrs. McClung for being the coolest teacher and making it fun, and thank you NCHS for Paws: Power Academics Welcomes Success.

Kyle Barker: Thank you, Mr. Fox, for teaching me well. Thank you, Mrs. Cox, for always being positive.

Lacey Beam: Thank you to Mrs. Barker for helping me pass my AP exam.

Dawson Blankenship: Thank you, Jackie D, for getting me through rough times.

Lindsay Brake: Thank you, Mr. Fox, for showing me that I am a smart kid and scaring me to death my freshman year. Thank you, Mrs. Bennett, for teaching me what I’ll need to know for college. Thank you, Mr. Shifflet, for teaching me what life is all about.

Bree Butler: I would like to thank all NCHS staff for making me successful for my future.

Breanna Christian: Thank you so very much, Mrs. Murphy, for always making sure that everyone had a smile on their face.

Zachary Collins: Thank you, Stg. Long, for being here for me whether you were a pain in my neck or not.

Andrew Paul Cook: Thank you, Mr. Fox, for teaching me math and college readiness; thank you, Mr. Shifflett, for teaching me chemistry and career readiness; thank you, Mrs. Gatewood, for teaching me history and life lessons.

Katrina Crislip: Thank you Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Foreman, and Mrs. Murphy for always being there for me.

Maggie Dempsey: Thank you Olivia, Gal, Phoebe, Ashley, and Jess for this amazing second semester.

Alyssa Facemire: Thank you, Coach Morris, for giving me pep talks and always making me laugh on a daily basis.

Jamila Foster: Thank you, Coach Morris, for putting up with me and coaching me through every single problem in math.

Jeff Goderre: Mrs. Cox, thank you for being there for me and helping me out all years. Thank you for teaching me respect and being my friend.

Alexander Hall: Thank you to Mr. Williams, Mr. Fox, and Mrs. Tucker. You’ve shown me a lot and thank you.

Makayla Hanshaw: Thank you to Mrs. Barker, Mr. Fox, Mr. Bane, and Mrs. Murphy in helping me reach my full potential.

Maria Hughart: Thank you to Mrs. Bennet for preparing me well for college.

Aldan Johnson: Thank you to my sister for everything.

Audree Keiffer: I thank all the teachers for helping me.

Sydney Lycans: Thank you, Mrs. Barker, for helping me get through senior year.

Alexis Nicholas: Thank you, Mrs. Bennett, for sparking my love for all science and for guiding me to my future career choice.

Avery Nutter: Thank you, Mr. Milburn, for teaching great things to me. Also thank you, Mrs. Morrison, for being the best.

Haley Nutter: Thank you, Mrs. Bennett, for showing me that hard work pays off. Also thank you, for teaching me only I can make myself successful, so I shouldn’t depend on others.

Eamonn Payton: Thank you to Mrs. McClung and Mr. Fox for showing me what it means to be a human being.

Molly Prutsok: Thank you, Mr. Fox and Coach Morris, for getting me through my math classes. I love y’all.

William N Rader: Thank you, Mr. Hypes!

Levi Shafer: Thank you, Mrs. Bennett, for being one of the only teachers in this school that do their job and teach students instead of just handing them busy work.

Madison Simms: I want to thank Mr. Shifflett for helping me think about my future and teaching me to study.

Daniel Skaggs: Thank you, Sgt. Long, for pushing me to accomplish my dreams.

Johnathan Spoulding: Thank you Mrs. Bennett for being one of the only teachers to actually teach me something.

Gracie Steiner: Thank you, Mr. Morris, for teaching me how to do math without a calculator!

Calvin Stewart: Thank you, Mr. Hypes, for helping me with my speech and Sgt. Long for getting my confidence up.

Elena Strader: Thank you to all who helped me become successful.

Sara Thompson: Thank you, Mrs. Barker, for always pushing me to be my best.

Savannah Tinnel: Thank you, Mrs. Bennett, for showing me my favorite subject, anatomy. Thank you, Mr. Fox, for the orange juice.

Karen Truong: Thank you, Mrs. Long, for making me a better writer and thank you, Mr. Hypes, for the music.

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