Senior Athletes Sign to College

By Andrew Cook:

Nicholas County High School – Throughout the fall and spring semesters excited seniors have signed to colleges and universities for athletics for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  These future post-secondary education athletes have either signed at the institution, or the institution that they plan to attend has ventured to Nicholas County High School to have these post-secondary athletes sign to compete for them.  Some of these students have been offered athletic scholarships, while some have “walked on to” these athletic teams.  Some of these students signed for post-secondary school athletics on National Signing Day, which was on February 7, 2018 or they have signed after that.  These students have excelled in athletics at the high school level and strive to continue their competition at the college level.

Trey Milam has signed to play football for West Virginia Wesleyan College.  D.J.  McCutcheon has signed to play football for Concord University.  Sara Thompson has signed to play soccer for Concord University.  Sydney Lycans has signed to play softball for Concord University.  Kobe Alderman has signed to play golf for Concord University.  Blake Dawson has signed to play golf for Concord University.  Isaac Prather has signed to run Cross Country and to run Track for Concord University.  Terry Fazenbaker has signed to play football for Glenville State College.  Nick Nutter has signed to play Basketball for Glenville State College.  Kristen Gad has signed to play soccer for Glenville State College.  Makayla Hanshaw has signed to play soccer for Glenville State College.  Alyssa Woods has signed to run Cross Country and to run Track for Glenville State College.  Elena Strater has signed to play soccer for the West Virginia University Institute of Technology.  Cameron Crislip has signed to wrestle for the West Virginia University Institute of Technology.  Alexis Nicholas has signed to play Volleyball for Fairmont State University.

“I am pleased to see all of these students continuing their athletic endeavors after High School,” said Mr. Milburn.

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