2018 NCHS Seniors Enlist

By Gracin Young

Throughout this school year twelve of the class of 2018 have taken the oath to protect their country.  These young men and women are enlisting in the United States Armed Forces.

The individuals joining the United States Marine Corps includes Danny Skaggs and Keaton Stewart.

There are two that are joining the United States Air Force: Jared Malcolm and Gracin Young.

Those who are joining the United States Army are Dawson Blankenship, Nick Radar, Jeffrey Goderre, Jimmy Pritt, Gage Moses, Grace Carpenter, Arin Davidson, and Amber Johnson.

Arin Davidson and Amber Johnson have already completed their basic training. The rest will ship out after graduating high school and go to their perspective basic trainings. The length of training varies between all armed forces. The United States Army has increased their training length to twelve and one half weeks. The Marine Corps is thirteen weeks long, and the Air Force is currently eight and one half weeks long.

First Sergeant Harvey said, “In my opinion is the seniors are taking a great step to enhance careers they are pursuing while conducting selfless service while serving their country.”

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