2018 JROTC Military Ball

By Brianna Foster:

The 2018 JROTC Military Ball was held at the Summersville Armory, on April 20th, 2018. Battalion Commander Cadet Abarca was in charge of the ball. BC Cadet Abarca said, “The military ball is for cadets to be able to take a break from everything we do between the food bank, visiting the elderly, etc. and for the cadets to get medals with the ceremony.” The events that occurred during the ball included the opening ceremony with guest-speaker Mayor Shafer, an opening prayer, dinner, closing ceremony and dancing. The chaperones were Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Boone, and Mr. Hypes; they also helped with cooking and serving along with 1st SGT Harvey and SGT Long. The appetizers served included shrimp and corn. The options for dinner involved BBQ sandwiches, and for dessert ice cream was served. The JROTC used their phones for the music. When BC Abarca was asked what her opinion on the ball was this year, she said “Chaotic- we had some cadets and teachers who liked it, but we also had some that said they liked last year better because of organization.”

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