NCHS Students Organize a Summersville Lake Cleanup

By Makayla Hanshaw

On May 12th from 8 AM to 5 PM, volunteers will meet in the Battle Run parking lot to clean up the Summersville Lake.  Volunteers aren’t required to stay all day and can show up at whatever time is convenient for them.

Supplies like water, gloves, and trash bags will be provided by the Corps of Engineers and Walmart.

NCHS students may receive extra credit in certain classes and potentially nine hours of community service for helping.

NCHS sophomores Makayla Garcia and Gavin Foster are organizing the cleanup.  When asked about the motivation for the cleanup, Gavin Foster stated, “We kept seeing all the trash and it made us super angry.  It was initially Makayla’s idea, but people told her that she wouldn’t or couldn’t do it. Also, the way it effects wildlife around the lake is terrible. We are basically just enraged by it.”

Other supporters include: Riley Butcher, Esther Dorsey, Lisa Bennett, James Fox, Garrett Cole, Garrett Leggett; however, others are encouraged to come out and assist with the cleanup.

When asked about the upcoming project, Makayla Garcia stated, “I’m extremely excited for the outcome.”

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