Senior Zip-line Trip 2017

By Clayton Davis and Kathleen Foster

Thirty seniors attended the free zip-line trip to Ace Adventures in Fayetteville. They left in the morning of October 4th as school was starting and came back in the evening before school was over and ate at Pies & Pints Pizza. To be eligible for the trip, the seniors had to have mastery or above in math and English on the Smarter Balance test last year. The equipment they used was a safety harness that was clipped to the helmets. The chaperones were Natalie Treadway, Justin Neil, Selby McClung, and Jeremy Morriston. Senior Bradley Bordelon said, “Zip-lining and pizza is an incentive that makes me want to achieve high scores just to do it all over again. It was definitely worth the hard work to get an award like this.”

Math Teacher Jeremy Morriston said, “This was my first experience zip-lining and it was a blast! The students had a great time zipping through the air and enjoying the beautiful scenery.”


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