9 Facts About the 9 Club

By Alex Hall

  1. The 9 Club was founded during the 1942-1943 school year by former principal Mr. Lyle Herod.
  2. The members are selected by their character, desire, and ability to work.
  3. Only junior and senior girls can hold the position.
  4. The 9 club follows the instruction of the senior class president.
  5. Members are elected at the end of their sophomore year.
  6. Members take up tickets at all athletic events and are responsible for the spirit link competition.
  7. The spirit link competition between NCHS and RHS has been a tradition for over 36 years.
  8. For the 2017-2018 senior year, Mrs. Lanham is the sponsor of the 9 girls.
  9. The names of the 9 club members are Payton Litton, Josie Chapman, Maggie Dempsey, Alexis Nicholas, Blake Dawson, Anna Hamilton, Emily Acree, Olivia Carpenter, and Cami Hypes.

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