Meet the Math Department

By Rayvn Brady

FSCN0264Mrs. Sagraves teaches 9th grade mathematics at Nicholas County High School. She graduated from West Virginia University Institute of Technology and has been teaching since 2005. She became a math teacher because she’s always enjoyed math and helping others learn and grow academically. When asked some of her favorite hobbies, she said she enjoys playing basketball and going out for jogs. I asked what she believed her greatest strengths and weaknesses were as a teacher, and she said she considers herself to be good at communicating with her students inside and outside of the classroom, whether it’s regarding personal issues or academic problems. She also admits to sometimes pushing her students too hard, even though she has her best interests at heart. As her student, I believe Mrs. Sagraves is kind, generous, and accepting. She is great in diverse settings. With a multitude of different students, all unique, Mrs. Sagraves treats them equally, fairly, and respectfully.


Mr. Fox didn’t want his picture taken, but he teaches 9th through 12th grade math. He graduated from WVU and has been teaching since 1988. His father was a high school math teacher as well and greatly influenced Mr. Fox’s decision to become one himself, however he says he never pictured himself teaching for any longer than a few years. He says his favorite hobbies are walking and golfing. When asked what he thought his students would say about him, he said that he thinks they’d say he expects a lot, but is fair. He believes he is knowledgeable in his field; however, his organization skills could use some work.  He thinks that his biggest challenge this year will be getting freshmen students to transition to the higher level of learning needed at the high school level.

DSCN0266Mrs. Miller teaches 9th through 12th grade math. She graduated from West Virginia University. She says she started teaching math because she wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives. She began teaching in 2007 and enjoys paper-crafting, going for a swim, and watching movies in her spare time. She believes her greatest strengths as a math teacher is her ability to break a math problem down to simplicity and helping the students better grasp the concept of what they’re doing. She admits that her minor weakness would be handing back papers.

DSCN0244 (1)Mrs. Cooper teaches 9th and 10th grade math along with 9th grade math labs. She graduated from Fairmont State with her bachelor’s degree in 1994 and later from Western Governors University with two master’s degrees in teaching. She began teaching in 2008 because she believes that math is a subject that can develop stronger thinking skills, and she started teaching because se wanted to help students become better and stronger thinkers. She enjoys walking, reading, and spending time with her husband and kids. She hopes that her students would describe her as caring and effective. She trusts that she is good at explaining new skills, encouraging growth, and boosting confidence in her students, but she confides that she also may try to teach too quickly or too much at a time. This year, she envisions her biggest challenge to be finding and implementing strategies and resources to make math more engaging and relevant for her students.

DSCN0265Mr. Neil teaches 11th and 12th grade math. He was homeschooled until he attended college at Glenville State and Marshall University. He wanted to be a math teacher because he is “gooood at math!” He first started teaching in 2010 and enjoys whitewater kayaking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. He believes that his greatest strength as a teacher is his brain, he is smart and commendably good at what he does, but he admits to using considerably large words.

DSCN0256Mr. Morris teaches math for grades 11 and 12. He graduated from Ravenswood High School, from West Virginia State with his bachelor’s, and West Virginia University with his master’s. He decided to begin his career as a math teacher because he finds that there is everyday value in mathematics. He first started his career in 1986. When given the chance, he enjoys fishing at Summersville Lake. His students often describe him as challenging, but wonderfully so. He has no doubt that he is good with forming professional relationships with his students so that he’s able to create an atmosphere that is more than suitable, but comfortable for learning. This year, he envisions his biggest challenge will be improving ACT scores.









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