Juniors Go Bowling!

By Chase Hughart

On Wednesday, November 15th, the juniors were treated to a bowling trip for doing well on the Smarter Balance test at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Any student that scored a mastery or above in English and Math was permitted to go.

The juniors were taken to Pinheads, a bowling alley in Oak Hill. Students were allowed to bowl immediately after arriving. The bright, flashing lights and loud music made the experience much more enjoyable. At lunch, students were able to pick from a wide selection of food: pizza, chicken tenders, fried pickles, etc. By the time the trip was over, everyone had gotten their fair share of bowling, food, and friends and were all ready to head back to school.

“The bowling trip was excellent. My friends and I had a lot of fun and I think it is great that students were rewarded for their hard work on the end of the year test,” said McKenzi Johnson, a student who went on the trip.

The bus arrived back at the school just around time for second lunch. This trip was chaperoned by Mr. Shifflett and Mrs. Bennett, and everyone enjoyed this brief time away from school.

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