2017 Gym Floor Restoration

By Blake Johnson & Zac Adkins

The NCHS gym floor took an extreme amount of work to be prepared for new wax and seal. The floor was made in 1989, and every year it is restored.

The floor had to be cleaned everywhere, even in the small hard to reach corners. It was also sanded, painted, and sealed within 24 hours of being sanded down. The whole process took about 18 hours, almost a whole day straight of work.

There are special rules to follow to keep the floor in pristine condition. No chemicals are allowed to touch the floor because it is an organic seal. It must be cleaned with a citrus cleaner. Only running shoes or basketball shoes are allowed on the floor. Absolutely no boots or food and drink are permitted in the gym.

Please thank the custodians, Jeff Campbell and Jody McCutcheon for the beautiful new gym floor.

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