NCHS Drama Department Promises an Exciting Year

By Charity Propps

Exciting competitions and new productions are currently underway for the NCHS Drama Department this year. NCHS new drama instructor, Mrs. Selby McClung stated, “We are hoping to do a Western play. We have a Valentines day play, a couple of comedies and next year we are doing a musical.”

At present, Mrs. McClung’s students are working on a comedy, entitled The Nerd. When asked why she had chosen that play she responded with, “Well, I knew from the start that I wanted to compete and perform  in competition theater just so that students could get a good taste of it and [I] wanted to find a play that was both going to engage the audience and that our students and our community will find enjoyable, but also something that we could easily adapt to a one act competition play.  Since The Nerd has a very strong first act, Mr. Anderson (former NCHS drama teacher) and I thought that it would be a good choice to start with.”

Mrs. McClung has a minor in theater. We asked her what inspired her to do theater and her response was “I was really inspired by a really great teacher. I was a very shy student, but I enjoyed the arts as far as music.”

The drama department plans to perform the production of The Nerd for the student body and faculty on January 31st. They will also be putting on a play for the elementary school in the spring.

Mrs. McClung had the following to say about her students: “We have so much talent and collaborative energy in the class this year, and the students are looking forward to presenting our productions for the community.”

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