Meet the Fine Arts Staff

By Clayton Davis & Kathleen Foster


Mr. Hypes attended WV Tech because he wanted a performance degree, and he earned a bachelor’s degree in music education K-12. Mr. Hypes loves to see his students’ progress from not knowing anything about music to singing or playing an instrument. Mr. Hypes plans to keep working with students in music education until he retires.




Mrs. Cox attended the University of Maryland where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education. Mrs. Cox loves to see her students get excited about their own art work and enjoys showcasing her students’ artwork in the community. Mrs. Cox is looking forward to the first quilt shows at the library in January and in December and the upcoming art show at NCHS.




Mr. Akers earned a bachelor’s degree in music K-12 from Glenville State College. He chose music because he really enjoyed it while he was in high school. The most rewarding aspect of his job is getting to work with his students, and his goal is to keep teaching them.

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