The After-School Program Begins

By Issac Prather

The After-School program is a school-year-long program that takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30-5:30.

After-School is a great program for students to attend if they are struggling in their classes, just want to do better in a subject, or desire to learn something new. The program offers tutoring in math and English, provides homework help, and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs. Tyree is in charge of the After-School program. Mrs. McClung provides English ACT Prep, and Mrs. Cooper provides math ACT Prep.

Jodie LeRose comes to the school on Wednesdays to show students how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. She shows participants how to play games like frisbee football while improving their health.

Not just NCHS students are allowed to come to the program; this program is available for anyone in the community, regardless of age.  The after-school provides dinner for everyone who stays.

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