SMS Pods are NCHS’s New Neighbors

By Levi Brake & Breanna Christian

On August 19, 2016, Summersville Middle School moved into the Summersville Arena and Conference Center after the school was destroyed by the June 23rd Flood.  After spending half a year in the Summersville Armory and Conference Center, SMS moved into the modular pods on January 2, 2017.

We interviewed SMS students, Rylee Hall and Lacie Jones, and they shared their opinions on what school was like in the Summersville Arena. They said, “It was okay but crazy.  It was fun because we could go outside.  It was hard to concentrate due to the Summersville Armory and Conference Center being loud.  We would rather have been in an actual school because it was quite confusing due to noise.  Having school in the pods is better because it’s not quite as noisy, but we had to get used to where the classes were.”

In an interview about the pods with Mrs. Fleming, who has taught at SMS for 15 years, she stated, “I share a classroom with four different teachers.  It’s really hard to get one on one time with students.”

Although the pods are not an ideal situation, the students and staff are thankful to have their own space again.


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