By Breanna Christian

On September 21, 2017, Gear Up sponsored a trip for 51 seniors, chaperoned by Mrs. Dorsey and Mrs. McClung to tour West Virginia University.

On the tour, seniors got a taste of what the college life is like at WVU.  During this trip the seniors toured the library, dorms, and also the Mountain Lair.

They took a miserably hot ride on the non-air-conditioned PRT to the Mountain Lair for lunch which offered students a variety of restaurants to choose from. They definitely weren’t looking forward to the ride being so hot because most everyone was wearing hoodies and jeans.

When the seniors finally arrived at the Mountain Lair, not everyone was happy. Senior Matt Smith stated, “The PRT was not well-maintained and made me reconsider my future college.”

To say the least, the WVU trip was a valuable, eye-opening experience that aided NCHS students in the college decision-making process.

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