Lowe’s Awards Grant to NCHS Media Center

By Alexander Hall

On May 23rd, 2017, the NCHS Media Center received a check for $25,001.94 from the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant to update technology and furniture.

The updated media center now includes 28 new HP computers, a new laser printer, new power strips, new tables and chairs, a new digital camera, and 30 new headphones.

Mrs. Murphy applied for the grant in January 2017, and she worked mostly with Heidi Mowery from our Summersville Lowe’s. Initially, Ms. Mowery informed Mrs. Knight, NCHS counselor, of the grant, and Mrs. Knight passed the information onto Mrs. Murphy.

Mrs. Murphy said, “This was the first grant I ever applied for, so I didn’t think there was any chance of getting it, let alone the full amount.  I was surprised and overjoyed. I want to thank Lowe’s for the great support they give to benefit our students, especially our Summersville Lowe’s.  They even came to the high school to put together the tables.  I also want to thank everyone at NCHS who has helped to put the grant into use, especially Mrs. Mullens, our custodians, the JROTC, and my students.  It has taken the help of many people in our school community to order the items and put everything together.  Nicholas County High School is quite blessed to have not only the support of the community, but also a tight-knit school family.”

The media center is now awaiting a shipment of printer ink, and then Mrs. Murphy will complete will the final report for the grant.


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